Accept Credit Cards

Want to be able to accept Credit and Debit card payments from your Customers? Today, you can take advantage of a wide variety of choices – from Traditional to the new opportunities being opened by Smart Phones (e.g iPhone, Android, etc.)

Traditional Merchant Account provides traditional credit card acceptance and processing. Through its partnership with, you can quickly integrate to a wide variety of Shopping Carts or even create your own forms to collect any information about your Customer — everything except their actual Credit Card information. handles that touchy area for you making it easier to come into compliance with the laws concerning the safeguarding of your Customer’s credit card information.

Typical discount rates are 2.19% plus 30 cents per transaction. Minimum processing fees mean you will pay at least $25/month to maintain your account.


Square was the first to provide a way for virtually anyone to accept a credit or debit card payment using their iPhone or Android Smart Phones. No Merchant Accounts, No minimum monthly fees. Currently, it does not connect to any online Shopping Carts, however.

Signup is simple. Download the Square App to your Smart Phone and connect it to your bank account. Payments taken during business hours will normally be directly deposited to your Bank Account by the NEXT day.

If you swipe your customer’s credit card using the free attachment they provide, Square charges a 2.75% discount rate with NO extra Transaction fees. Or, you can manually enter your customer’s card information and pay a higher discount rate of 3.5% plus a 15 cent Transaction Fee.

Square now offers a “One Price Per Month” option. Instead of paying 2.75% per transaction, you can now choose to pay $275/month with 0.00% per transaction.?? Swiping over $10,000 in credit card payments monthly? Now you can cap your Square Fees at $275. A major benefit for some.


PayPal lets your Customers pay you with their Paypal account balance, or with a Credit or Debit card. PayPal also interfaces with many online Shopping Carts. They also make it easy to put “Buy Now” and “Add To Cart” buttons on your website.

If you do not already have a PayPal account, go to PayPal and open a Premier account. It takes only a few minutes. However, it usually takes a few more days to jump through PayPal’s hoops to confirm your bank account and backup credit card ownership.

Typical discount rates are 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction. High volume sellers and non-profit organizations qualify for a reduced 2.2% discount rate.

Like Square, PayPal plans to release “PayPal Here” soon which will let you to take payments using your Smart Phone featuring a free card swiping attachment and a 2.7% discount rate.

The Trellix SiteBuilder’s eShop option easily integrates with PayPal to accept PayPal or Credit Card payments from your Customers. Its as simple as providing your PayPal email address in the eShop setup.


Intuit has released their “Merchant Service for Quickbooks“. Similar to the Square & PayPal offerings, they provide a free card swiping device for your Smart Phone. This service integrates with the Quickbooks accounting system.

The typical discount rate is only 1.64% plus a 27 cent Transaction Fee. However, there is a $19.95 monthly service fee which they will waive for the first 2 months.

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