What Is Mobile Marketing?

Take This Short Quiz

  • How often do you look at your mobile phone every day?
  • How far do you let your mobile phone get away from you?
  • How many of the Text Messages you receive do you read?
  • How quickly do you read your Text Messages?

Now can you see why Mobile Marketing is so powerful. Your customers are no different than you when it comes to their mobile phones. When they receive your message, they will read it almost immediately.

You can generate IMMEDIATE revenue with a simple mobile marketing campaign you an put together in minutes. Slow day? Create an offer they can’t refuse.

Want More Customers?

Mobile Marketing is all about communicating quickly, easily and cheaply with your customers or potential customers. There are two parts to the process. First, building your list and then periodically sending them informative or promotional cell phone text messages of interest to them.

Mobile Phone Marketing is a natural for any business doing repeat business with their customers: Dry Cleaners, Rug Cleaners, Jewelry Stores, Dentists, Physicians, Physical Therapists, Handy Men, Contractors, Grocery Stores, Fast Food Restaurants, Pizza Delivery, Resale stores, Bargain shops, Political Candidates, The list is endless.

It usually costs your subscriber money when they receive a Text Message. And it costs you money to send them. You will lose subscribers if you send your messages too often or if your messages have no perceived value to them.

Mobile Marketing Finds New Customers

Mobile Marketing is all about finding New Customers too. Placing something like Call 202-800-1065 Now For A Valuable Coupon on your Advertising, on company vehicles, on Placemats, on Menus, on T-shirts, on Bandit Signs, on Freebies will start generating a steady stream of new customers for your business as more and more people subscribe to your list.

Everybody knows how to make a phone call.

Check it out now with our Demo Number.
(202) 800-1065 from your Cell Phone now.

And that’s all anyone needs to do to subscribe to your Mobile Marketing list. They don’t even need to know how to send a text message. They just need to be able to receive text messages on their cell phone. A “Smart Phone” is NOT required.

Call Our 24 Hour Recorded Message Line
(202) 800-1065 Now For A Valuable Coupon
Sent Directly To Your Cell Phone.

It costs just 5 cents per text subscriber to reach out and communicate with your customers. They have voluntarily subscribed themselves to your notification list. They like you and your business. They are curious what you have for them this time.

Of course, Organizations can use Mobile Marketing to remind their members of an upcoming event or quickly inform any size group of a situation, an emergency, etc.

Mobile Marketing Is Immediate

Mobile Marketing is all about building relationships with your existing customers. Offering them discounts, notifying them of upcoming Sales. Reminding them about you and what you can do for them.

With a Text Message, news about your Special, your Coupon, your Offer is received IMMEDIATELY. Text Messages are read 97% of the time often within seconds after they are received. And, Mobile response rates range between 4-22% depending on value of your promotion.

Mobile Marketing or ???Texting??? to your customers is the single best way to encourage additional visits throughout the year.?? Continuing to stay in front of your customers who already enjoy your service helps encourage and increase repeat visits.

Getting Started

ServantHost provides its Pro/Mobile Plan FREE when you signup through MageMobile.com – Our goal is to encourage you start enjoying the benefits of Mobile Marketing especially if you deal with local consumers on a daily basis.

This makes it very cost effective for you to begin to taking the first steps towards building your Mobile Subscriber List. Your initial goal should be to add new subscribers daily with a target of reaching 300 subscribers. That is the typical “tipping-point” threshold at which your Mobile Marketing efforts will really take off.

Since the average response rate to your Mobile Offer can be expected to be between 4% and 22%, sending a message to 300 subscribers should generate between 12 and 66 phone calls or visits to your business or web site. A welcome increase in business just for spending 5 cents per subscriber to get your offer into their hands.

For a limited time, there is no Setup Fee for activating and configuring your MageMobile account. We can help you to decide on your Initial offer details too. Once activated, you will receive your own MageMobile login Username & Password so you can send and schedule your mobile marketing messages whenever you want.

Or, We Can Do It All For You

You’ve got a Business to run. You recognize the potential benefits of Mobile Marketing, but just don’t have the time or desire to do this additional work yourself. Outsource the process to us. We will work with you to create and manage your Mobile Marketing Campaign.

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