Trellix Sitebuilder

Trellix Sitebuilder is an intuitive, easy to use web site builder. It was created before today’s fancy browsers knew how to “drag and drop” an object. With Trellix, you simply choose your template, add your text, upload your graphics and publish your site. Pretty simple, yet it produces a professional looking web site quickly. If you know how to send email, you can probably build a website with Trellix in under an hour.

Getting Started

First, Create a Free Trial Account. You then have 30 days to finish creating your website. If you need more time, just let us know and we will gladly extend the Trial Period for you.

Or, Login to the Sitebuilder if you have already created your Free Trial Account to continue updating or maintaining your website.

Ready To Publish?

Send us a Support Ticket to let us know you are ready to publish. We will then Activate your Trial Account and publish your website for the first time. After that, you can click the “Publish” button whenever you want to publish any changes you have made.

If you have not already done so, open a web hosting account with ServantHost.

Most ServantHost hosting plans include a Sitebuilder account. Depending on the number of pages you have created and the amount of managed file space you have consumed within the Sitebuilder, choose the Hosting Plan that meets your needs:

  • Professional – Includes the 100 page / 100 MB Sitebuilder
  • Economy – Includes the 10 page / 10 MB Sitebuilder
  • Personal – Includes the 1 page / 1 MB Sitebuilder

If you need to create more pages or need more managed Sitebuilder file space, upgrades are available up to Unlimited Pages and 1 Gigabyte of file space.

Building an eCommerce Web Site is Easy

Every Trial Account includes access to the eCommerce option (eShop). Feel free to take a look and experiment with it during the Trial period. If you decide to use it to create a web store within your web site, let us know when you request activation.

eShop allows you to easily create and manage a complete product catalog. Process online transactions with PayPal, or take orders through fax, phone, or email.

Simply define your product categories, product sub-categories, products, prices, descriptions and pictures and eShop will generate your web store for you automatically when you publish your site. Its that easy.

A Helping Hand…

Sometimes you just need a little help to get started. We can help you choose a Template and show you the basics of adding text and graphics to a web page. Just submit a support request describing how we can help.

If you wish, we can do it all for you. Ask for a quote.

How It All Got Started

Trellix SiteBuilder was the brainchild of Dan Bricklin – the genius who wrote the original spreadsheet program (Visicalc) way long ago before there was Lotus 123 or the PC, for that matter.

Dan turned his energetic genius toward the development of a tool which would give everyone the ability to create and maintain good looking, professionally designed web sites.

The culmination of these efforts produced the industry acclaimed Trellix SiteBuilder. Now, through a special licensing agreement, ServantHost can make this productive tool available to you.

I actually talked with Dan Bricklin several years ago. I had just purchased a new program his company had developed and had a technical question. Guess who answered the phone? (!!!)

Ready To Take The Next Step?

While Trellix can quickly help you get a web site up and active, it has its limitations. The next logical step is to consider using WordPress.

With its vast user community, tens of thousands of themes (templates) and plugins, there is virtually no limit on what can be done with a few clicks of a mouse using WordPress.

Thinking about moving your SiteBuilder web site to WordPress? We can do the job for you.

Ask us for a quote.