Web Site Development and SEO

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of getting your web site ranked by the Search Engines as high as possible, Google in particular since they handle around 70% of all searches.

A good example is http://www.CheapestElectricity.org. At this moment, it is ranking at #6 in Google when searching for “Cheapest Electricity” (omit the quotes). It moves around some. Its called the “Google Dance”.

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CheapestElectricity.org was developed with WordPress and uses a variety of SEO?? techniques which have helped it to achieve this ranking. But the primary reason is simply maintaining a tight “focus” on that particular keyword phrase while providing unique and useful content for the visitor.

Its something to keep in mind when you are creating or editing any web page. Each page is ranked separately by the Search Engines. The more useful and authoritative that page is deemed to be determines where it will display.

So, keep each page tightly focused on one particular message or issue and you will find that you will start to attract move visitors to that page and to your website.